Nic Roope & Violetta Boxill

Set of wooden chip forks with ice-lolly stick punch-lines.
120 x 225 mm
Beech, glassine paper.
Laser cut and etched; screen-printed, assembled.
Created exclusively for CONTAINER #1:Hot&Cold in an edition of 200.

Nicolas Roope and Violetta Boxill met in 1996 and married in 2006. Nicolas is an artist who works in digital media, being founder and director of POKE, as well as manifesting physical ideas through Hulger, which created the multi-award-winning Plumen lightbulb. Violetta is founder of the design practice Alexander Boxill, founding creative director of ICON Magazine which she directed for its first 5 years and has an extensive track record in editorial and print design ... as well as working with Nicolas establishing the Plumen and Hulger branding and identities.

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